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Career in Mass Media
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The Job of a Media Planner

Media planners are brand strategists, they primarily work at advertising agencies and create clients' ad campaigns. The media planners interact somewhat with the creatives i.e. the copywriters creating the ads and the ad copy but predominantly with the clients making decisions about how a media campaign will unfold.

A big part of the media planner's job is to pick the right kinds of places (the correct TV shows and magazines) to place different ads so that the client's product (and brand) is advertised to the correct audience.

The Digital Media Planner works with the digital media team, creative team, strategic planning team, traditional media team and account service staff in the agency to create, recommend and execute digital media strategies for each campaign. Efforts are directed continuously toward maintaining exceptional service to the client and providing timely deliverables, i.e. Media Plans, Point-of-Views, and related media analyses.

Training is mainly provided 'on-the-job' with new media planners gaining first-hand experience under the guidance of senior colleagues in the media planning team. Much of the initial training involves understanding technical tools and methodologies for media-specific analysis, such as readership surveys, circulation and trade figures, web analytics, audience tracking and television and radio ratings.

How Do You Become a Media Planner?

Graduates from any stream can get into this field provided you have a flair and
understanding of the dynamic and constantly changing field.
A degree in marketing, English, media studies, journalism,
business management, operational research or another related subject
will be useful in securing a job as a media planner.

Become a Media Planner

From an educational point of view you can have a:

Bachelor's degree in Advertising, Marketing, Communications, or equivalent, relevant experience.
Our very own BMM course can help you charter a career in this field.
An MBA in mass media/ marketing can also be part of this industry.
MICA (Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad).

What Skills Do You Need for the Job?

Sound communication skills
Ability to think divergently and out of the box
Creativity / ideation skills
Good social networking skills
Should have a high social intelligence and show be aware of all the things happening in the market.
Sound understanding of consumer behaviour
Good team skills.
Excellent presentation, negotiation, and communication skills
Effective time management and organizational skills, as well as strong attention to detail

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