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Aptitude Test and Career Counseling

Aptitude Test and Career Counseling
Career Counseling

Career Pathways School Services:

Schools are invariably the springboard from where students take off on their career trajectory. Career Pathways offers unique programmes specially designed to
help schools provide the right career guidance for their students.

Career Exhibition

Graduate Aptitude TestAptitude Test For Freshers
Graduate Aptitude TestAptitude Test For Freshers
Graduate Aptitude TestAptitude Test For Freshers
Graduate Aptitude TestAptitude Test For Freshers

Disha has developed a visually rich and informative career exhibition. This bilingual (Marathi & English) exhibition caters to the career information needs of students
from different strata of society.

The exhibition consists of various charts covering career options available in India after SSC. Counselors to explain and guide students can also be provided at
additional cost.

Career charts are divided in the following clusters:

Science careers (PCM careers/ PCB careers)
Humanities careers
Commerce careers
Professional courses

Technical and non technical options
Professional courses for the non academically inclined
Entrance Exams

For charges contact at +91-22-24384575

Career Planning and Information Workshops

Planning a career is like assembling the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The key is to fit the pieces correctly!!!
To help students plan their career in a systematic and informed manner, Disha holds Career planning workshops and Career information talks. Students from std. X,
XI and XII benefit immensely from these talks as it gives them clarity on the road ahead in their professional lives and helps them decide the future course of action.

Core Contents of the Workshop/Talk include:

The World of Work
Exploring the concepts of 'Job-Person Fit', Job satisfaction, and so forth.
Factors that need to be taken into consideration while planning a career.
Self-Assessment & Self Discovery
What are aptitudes, interests and skills?
What is personality all about? How does it relate to the world of work?

How are aptitudes, interests, skills, and personality related to career
Decision-making : How do you take all the above-mentioned factors into
account and make a career decision.
Career information and vocational guidance: extensive information about
what career prospects each of the streams {Arts/ Commerce/ Science} offer.

For charges contact at +91-22-24384575