Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Importance of Goal Setting
Goal Setting

Alice: " Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
That depends a good deal on where you want to get to, said the Cat"
(Alice In Wonderland)

That sums up the need for setting Goals early on so that you know which route to take to reach your final destination or your goal.

Social goals

So what is Goal Setting?

Goal setting is the process of deciding on something you want, planning how to get it, and then working
towards the objective.

There are different types of Goals:

Personal Goals (Social, Emotional, Financial, family & friends, Acquisitions)
Professional Goals
Spiritual Goals
Academic / Learning Goals

Let us take some time to understand the characteristics of a goal.

Specific Measureable Achievable Realistic Timed

Most of us start with strong motivation, but somewhere along the line, we tend to lose our momentum towards achieving pour set-goals. We face "Goal Paralysis".

The reason most people don't reach their goals is that they don't define them, or seriously consider them as believable or achievable.

Faith & Conviction in your Goal is mandatory!

Let us take a look at the possible road blocks that inhibit us from reaching our goals:

Professional Goals

Setting unrealistic goals
Underestimating completion time
Not appreciating failure
Not reviewing Progress

Setting Negative Goals
Setting too many goals
Setting "Other People's Goals"

Planning and Execution are important for Goal Setting. However, there is something else that is more
important for achieving a goal... Motivation
Stephen Covey has succinctly put it. "Motivation is fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are that it will burn very briefly." Thus, Intrinsic Motivation is the best form of

Many a times, we become demotivated and stop striving for our Goal. It is always wise to know our foes than our friends. So let us know more about some of the demotivators:

Unexpected challenges
Stress and pressure

Emotional issues
Mismatch between concept and reality

Failure at a point

What must one do when they are confronted by such demotivators?

Specific Measureable Achievable

What must one do when they are confronted by such demotivators?

your goal all over again. It is noted that Visualizing is far more powerful than writing. Human beings are the sum total of what they think about and focus on the

Keep the operational Goals small.
Prioritize which goals are most important for you to focus on right now. Sometimes we may have too many goals to confuse us.
Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward. Replace them with new healthy belief systems
Use WIFM - what's in (it) for me: costs and gains

Don't set very low goals... Higher Goals lead to a greater effect.
Identify environments and activities that unlock energy and creativity.
Positive self talk & self affirmations - Change the inner script primed for failure and criticism
Reassess strengths and weakness

If your Goals seem very big, divide it into Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals. Remember, your Short Term Goals are the stepping stones to your Long Term

"The Victory of Success is Half Won When One Gains The Habit Of Setting And Achieving Goals"
- Og Mandino

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