Doing an Internship

Doing an internship

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Thinking of doing an internship ?

It is that time of the year again when students are done with the exams and pondering over what to do next. The students who have appeared for final year exams
or those who are in senior college usually have a very typical question - what do we do after exams? Is it a good idea to do internship anywhere or first complete the
education and then take some work experience?

People typically think that if students start with an internship: some misconceptions:
They lose focus on their current mode of studies.
They get fascinated by the work culture which tends to de-motivate them to get back to studies.
If they get absorbed in the organization/office, the students do not want to continue with studies and hence the growth gets hampered.

Though these concerns seem to be true, the advantages of internship are far more than they actually appear to be. First and foremost the students need to realize
the importance of doing an internship. It does help students develop on personal and professional grounds.

Internships are proved to expand one's knowledge and get better understanding of the subject. Most of the times students are clueless about a particular
concept that needs to be implemented or applied in a real life situation. However, by getting enrolled in an internship can bridge this gap of abstract and concrete
concepts and how these concepts can be applied.

Another advantage of an internship is that students could get a check of their likes and dislikes as well as their strengths and weaknesses in a particular area. This
understanding of self, helps students to better decide what they need to take up in future. They are also in a better position to evaluate themselves according to the
need of the job.

The students also get a hands-on experience which is extremely important for them. A shift from a student life to work life is a difficult phase to cope up with for
many. But internship allows you to overcome that gap early in life.

importance of doing an internship

A very important advantage of internship is that it helps students to improve
their personality. The atmosphere of internship helps develop self confidence.
The students till then have led a shell life and the opening into internships at
times leads to a lot of stress and anxiety. But this early experience will help
them gain confidence which will impact their personality in a positive way.
Many other advantages are that the students learn how to take and follow
instructions, how to do reporting, and also how to handle the situation in spite
of making mistakes if any. They also develop decision making skills that will
help them in future.

Finally, the most important advantage of an internship is that the work experience will help him tremendously in future when they think of applying for jobs or even
while migrating to another country for further education or job. At some universities abroad, the students get the advantage of a credit system if the students have
undergone internship in the past. This in itself is a very positive picture that students could create for themselves.

So, finally, after considering so many positives of internship, I am sure students will not withhold themselves from doing the internship and more and more students
will rush out to have their hands on to some job. So, all the very best students!!!!

Alost all top companies in India offer internship opportunities. They could offer a stipend or some may not and simply offer a work experience certificate. Some
premier companies have a stringent assessment process to get in.

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