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Graduate Management Admission Test
GMAT 2017
GMAT Test for Foreign Students

Graduate Management Admission Test:

GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test is a test conducted primarily as a valid platform level competency for the entry into various Business and Management Schools/ Colleges internationally. Since this test measure the possession of the skills of the individual as per the expected standards of the schools, there is a proof of one's aligned inclinations to the Business Schools'.


GMAT Verbal International Students Students are required to have a valid documented proof of their identity such as a Passport book (which is mandatory if the test is being done outside the individual's native country), Driver's License, Military license or a Driving Learner's License.
Entrance Exams to Study Abroad Students applying for this exam must be at least 18 years old.
Foreign Exams A maximum of 5 attempts in a span of 12 months is permitted. An individual is entitled a total of 8attempts in their respective life time. A minimum period of 16 days is to be kept between two successive attempts.
GMAT Preparation A time gap of 5 years is to be maintained for the next attempt, if the individual has previously had a full score of 800.
GMAT Test Prep It would also be handy if the individual manage to be aware of the desired colleges/ schools along with their deadlines.

Fee for the Examination:

The fee is tentatively at Rs 17,000/- The fee will vary as per the Rupee-Dollar rates. There is an additional fee of Rs 3400/- in case the individual is keen on additional.


The GMAT test lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes, excluding two optional 8-minute breaks that may be taken between certain sections.


This test is valid for five years. Reporting validity is upto ten years.

Test specifications:

The GMAT test is a computerized test which analyses various components of the individuals' skill set. The Analytical Writing Assessment is a 30 minute long test which involves individual's analysis of an argument though one question.

The Integrated Reasoning is gauged by 12 questions being answered in a span of 30 minutes. These 12 questions explore various facets such as multiple source reasoning, table analysis, graphics interpretation and two part analysis.

The Quantitative Reasoning is allotted a maximum possible time period of 75 minutes in which 37 questions are expected to be solved. Data sufficiency and Problem Solving are the key components explored.
The Verbal Reasoning has a maximum possible of 75 minutes, in which the given 41 questions critically evaluate the individual's reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction.

The last two sections of Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning are the longest and hence have an eight minute optional break before the those sub-tests. They are also the 'adaptive' part of the understanding and the computer evaluates the answer and selects the next question based on the individual's level of skill. NO skipping or returning to the questions is permitted.

Test Centers in India:

There are 35 cities have the GMAT computerized centers in India.

Contact details:

Eligibility for GMAT Phone number: +91 120 439 7830
GMAT Exam Details Email ID:
Graduate Management Admission Test Official Website: